I'm a mother, nurse, community organiser, and, hopefully, next election, your new representative for Groom.

My journey to Toowoomba started over 30 years ago when I arrived here as a nurse to work at the BASE hospital. Since then, I’ve met my husband, Paul, had five beautiful children and established myself as a true local. During my time here, I’ve been very fortunate to work with this vibrant community in many different capacities. I truly understand the needs of this community and how to serve it best. 

Groom has developed into the most wonderfully diverse region, a thriving regional hub surrounded by some of the country's prime agricultural land. Despite the changes in our community, our political parties haven’t responded to the changing needs of our region. The national platforms of the major parties have created a system in which the specific views of Groom aren’t fully represented by their local members. I have worked deeply in this community and listened to the needs of what this community wants. As an independent, my loyalty would exist to the people, not the parties.

Everything I have strived for in my professional career has centred around strength, compassion, and hard work. While my decisions around policy would be based on community consultation, I can wholeheartedly promise to take these values with me to Canberra. As an independent, I would create real and positive change for Groom.